2021 has become a milestone in many ways, especially with the availability of vaccines around the world as well as in Cambodia. The quick rollout of vaccines in Cambodia indicates a possible end to the pandemic which has been affecting many businesses and industries in the kingdom since the start 0f 2020 until now. With the distribution of vaccines around the country, we expect an overall resurgence within the Real Estate markets hopefully in the near future.

In real estate, we have witnessed how crucial property operations and management teams can play in responding swiftly and effectively to the viral outbreak of the Covid-19. The pandemic has also brought additional tasks for building operations which means more cleaning, tighter security, regular sanitizing of the property and increased control of visitors and administrative procedures. It has also brought significant changes in property management processes — from closing amenity spaces to disinfecting common areas to keeping the residents informed of the ever-evolving situation. Many property management firms have also found themselves suddenly adjusting their maintenance workflows, routine inspections, and tenant services to adhere to restrictions.

Technology has also been imperative in the process of building management and operations during the pandemic as it helps property management company to perform various tasks more effectively, efficiently and reduce face-to-face interactions. Furthermore, residents now tend to prefer technological tools and software to perform day-to-day operations and fill in the application forms over the traditional ways which make interactions with management safer, more reliable and convenient. The growing number of conveniences found in technological advancements have also made it easier for landlords and property management alike to run daily operations of the building without having to set a foot in the rental building. Specialized software, mobile apps, and other technological innovations have streamlined the process and facilitated both the tenants and the building owners/developer.

It’s hard to predict when exactly Covid-19 will perish from the world as well as in Cambodia despite the government’s efforts to secure enough vaccines to vaccinate Cambodian citizens and foreigners free of charge. However, if we look on the bright side, this pandemic has sped up the adoption of technology in real estate sector even faster. Although property management has been adopting technology over the past few years, the focus was primarily on accounting and reporting. But with the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to cast uncertainties, it is time to shift that focus towards leveraging technology to improve the customer experience. 

Speaking of adoption of technology in Property Management sector, Pointer is one of the first tech-enabled Property Management Company to offer cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive suite of value-added services to the buildings we manage which greatly enhance the owner’s reputation and the lifestyle of its residents. Currently, we have Pointer Estate, Pointer Property, and Property Sales System to facilitate safe, reliable and convenient Real Estate transactions as well as to streamline day-to-day operations of the condos, Boreys (gated communities), commercial buildings, serviced apartments and office space. Currently, Urban Loft Condominium, PS Crystal Condominium and Borey Bakong Village are being managed by Pointer Property Management.