At Pointer Property, we understand that buying a home is not only a major life event but also a symbol of personal accomplishment. We are well aware that real estate prices are on the rise, especially for properties close to city centers. Affordable options typically mean compromising on location. If your dream is to own a home that is within your budget and conveniently located, we recommend that you start saving now.

saving money

If you haven’t started saving yet, it might seem like a daunting task. Between daily living expenses and a limited income, you may often find yourself juggling the monthly budget. But worry not – as a rule of thumb, try to put aside 40% to 50% of your monthly income. This approach helps ensure you won’t face financial difficulties by month-end. Keep a keen eye on your expenses, eliminate unnecessary ones, and diligently track all spending.

If you have a partner or family, the task of saving for a house becomes easier as you can pool together your resources. We suggest you collectively make conscious efforts to cut unnecessary spending and use the remaining money for daily necessities. Cooking a good meal at home can also act as a great incentive for your savings goal.

And even if your savings are not enough, we have the solution. Secure a mortgage from a reputable bank that provides long-term loans, offers substantial loan amounts, and has low-interest rates. We can guide you through negotiating with the bank, ensuring they assess your repayment abilities effectively.

Bank Loan

As your partner in the home-buying journey, Pointer Property can provide an accurate valuation of the house to give you a realistic idea of the investment required. Our experienced property consultants are dedicated to assisting clients in finding properties that align with their budget and lifestyle. Leveraging our understanding of market trends and extensive network, we can uncover opportunities often missed by individuals. By guiding you through the process of saving and buying a home, we aim to make it manageable and efficient, thus bringing you closer to your dream home.

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