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If you are looking for cheap land for sale in Siem Reap Cambodia it is best to consider purchasing outside of the city centre, which is where most of the tourist activities are based.


The city of Siem Reap is a wonderful place to live. It has managed to maintain its intimate small town feel, despite the recent explosion in tourism driven by its closely proximity to Angkor Wat and other major tourism attractions.

As a consequence, land in central Siem Reap is extremely high priced and only really used for commercial developments. This includes major international hotel chains and other establishments, such as bars, restaurants and spas catering to the buzzing tourism market.


Where to Buy Land in Siem Reap?

A large amount of the land outside of the city of Siem Reap is under the control of the Apsara Authority, which places limitations on what you can do with the land.

The good news however is that there is a lot of undeveloped land on the outskirts of the city. Larger plots are popular with local and international developers to develop borey housing developments, malls, tourist attractions and other projects.

Smaller plots of land, suitable for commercial or residential purposes, can be bought by private buyers in the surrounding areas.

Siem Reap: an Expanding City

As Siem Reap is really just a small town within minutes from the centre you can discover rural areas with farm land for sale in Siem Reap province at very affordable prices. This could prove an excellent investment opportunity as the city is sure to expand as visitor numbers increase in the future.

Major infrastructure projects are planned for Siem Reap. There are some 38 new road building and road widening projects commencing in late 2020, with plans for a new airport to the east of the city. This will have a positive effect on the price of land in those areas. These plans will ensure Siem Reap can handle the inevitable increased numbers of visitors in the future.

Just like elsewhere in Cambodia, when considering land for sale in Siem Reap you should carry out due diligence, especially as regards to land title and any potential infrastructure projects. You can always check our regular property news updates, or contact us if there are specific areas you are looking to purchase land in Siem Reap.


Can Foreigners Buy Land in Siem Reap?

Only Cambodian nationals can buy and sell land.

Some foreigners use a nominee structure or register a holding company to get around this situation, but potential overseas or expatriate buyers should take independent legal advice on this. The holding company route can be appropriate for large commercial purposes.

There are few borey and condo developments planned for Siem Reap. These could provide a positive investment opportunity for the right developer, especially as foreigners are able to purchase a condo by Cambodian law.

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