In a landmark move that underscores its commitment to enhancing Cambodia’s luxury living and working sector, Odom Living Co. Ltd. has partnered with IHG Hotels & Resorts to introduce the Vignette Collection to Phnom Penh in 2027. This partnership is set to redefine luxury living in Southeast Asia and attract a new wave of discerning investors to the city.

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The partnership with IHG Hotels & Resorts is a strategic move for Odom Living Co., Ltd., as it continues to expand its global footprint. The Vignette Collection Phnom Penh Odom offers a distinctive, elegant, and intriguing luxury lifestyle. It will consist of 50 rooms on the top seven floors of Odom Tower, a part of the ODOM mixed-use development, and conveniently situated along Preah Norodom Boulevard, a major road in Central Phnom Penh.


Odom Tower: A New Standard for Office Spaces

Odom Tower, a part of the ODOM mixed-use development, is setting a new standard for office spaces in Phnom Penh. The 45-story tower offers 43,000 sqm of strata-title office space, providing businesses with a world-class thriving environment. Each “Sky Village” within the tower is designed to foster a sense of community, bringing the traditional Khmer village feeling into a modern office setting.


Odom Living, the residential component of the ODOM development, offers 18,000 sqm of residences featuring 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom options. These spacious apartments are designed for modern families and professionals, offering a blend of comfort, luxury, and convenience in the city’s heart.

The Vignette Collection by IHG Hotels & Resorts is a new luxury brand offering unique properties in sought-after urban and resort locations. Each hotel in the collection is unique, with its distinct outlook and story to tell. The collection is designed for the next generation of luxury travelers seeking authentic, experiential, and considerate stays. The Vignette Collection weaves responsibility, community, and locality together, offering guests a unique luxury experience backed by IHG’s trusted reputation and leading loyalty offer.


Vignette Collection: A New Era of Luxury Hospitality

Kim Leang Kean, Odom Board Chairman and Founder of real estate developer ULS, believes the Vignette Collection Phnom Penh Odom will enhance Phnom Penh’s status as a must-visit destination. He also sees it as a prime investment opportunity, with the Odom Tower and Odom Living offering a combination of luxury living and working spaces in a prime location.

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