At the heart of Cambodia’s dynamic Phnom Penh, an exciting new chapter is being written in architectural innovation and design, led by Odom, a project in which we at Pointer Property take immense pride in representing as a marketing and sales agency.

Odom’s vision extends far beyond the construction of another towering edifice. Instead, it embodies an ambitious plan to redefine the urban fabric of an Asian city while preserving its cultural essence. Odom’s architect, Khai Saharom, encapsulates this vision, expressing their intent for the development to propel not just the physical structures skyward but the entire community towards a future laden with possibilities and opportunities.

Odom Location map

Set on the bustling Norodom Boulevard, Odom is a mixed-use, high-rise marvel, the brainchild of Singapore-based Kite Studio Architecture. The development features two distinctive towers – Odom Tower and Odom Living – bridged by Odom Square’s ‘podium,’ a harmonious blend of residential, commercial, and office spaces.

Odom Tower, a 45-story beacon rising from 5,825 sqm of premium real estate, offers 40,000 sqm of Grade A strata-title offices. Designed to serve as a fresh business hub, the Tower accommodates both local SMEs and international enterprises. The 22-floor Odom Living presents an array of apartments ranging from one to four bedrooms, each boasting city vistas, double balconies, and floor-to-ceiling windows.


Linking these two towers is Odom Square, a unique five-story landscape and commercial space. Complemented by a handpicked selection of food, beverage, retail, and lifestyle amenities, the Square aims to create a vibrant, green community area.

Embodying a deep commitment to sustainability, Odom proudly holds a LEED pre-certified gold status and features environmentally mindful designs. Their ‘Sky Villages’ concept elegantly brings together the community warmth of a village and the vivacity of city streets in a vertical setting. Saharom highlights the importance of weaving sustainable solutions not only in design and materials but also in city planning and community building.

Odom’s forward-thinking approach positions it for success within the local, regional, and broader Asian markets. With Cambodia’s GDP forecasted to grow by 6.2% in 2023 by the Asian Development Bank, and Phnom Penh’s projected need for more office space, Odom Tower presents a lucrative investment opportunity.

As Urban Living Solutions (ULS) project, Odom is not merely a financial investment but a long-term commitment to the Kingdom’s future, states Kim Leang Kean, the Founder and Managing Director of ULS. They aim to cultivate thriving communities within their developments, thus enhancing long-term value.

These ideals manifest in Odom’s expansive 7,000 sqm of greenery, almost 80% of which is open to the public. This fusion of urbanity and nature aids in reducing air pollution and noise levels, providing social and health benefits while fostering community bonds.

ULS, also behind innovative projects like Rose Apple SquareBakong Village, and Factory Phnom Penh, upholds its mission to create not just ‘units’ but homes and communities that resonate with, inspire, and benefit the people dwelling within.

Ross Apple Square

Factory Bakong Village

As the sales and marketing agency for Odom, we at Pointer Property echo this vision, promising to contribute to this architectural wonder set to transform Cambodia’s real estate landscape.

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