At Pointer Property, we’re dedicated to helping you manage a diverse range of residential and commercial real estate. Residential properties, such as condominiums, villas, and link houses in Boreys, offer individuals and families places to call home. These properties serve as personal sanctuaries and often represent significant life accomplishments.

Condominiums offer modern living experiences, complete with shared amenities, making them an appealing choice for many city dwellers. On the other hand, villas and link houses in Boreys offer a sense of community, often featuring shared common areas like parks and swimming pools while providing homeowners with their own private spaces.

Commercial properties, such as shophouses, represent economic activity. These properties often provide an area for retail on the ground floor, with living or office space above. They’re a great choice for business owners looking for a combined business and living solution or investors seeking rental income.

While we may not directly offer property insurance, we believe it’s essential for protecting these types of properties. Property insurance can shield you from financial losses due to unexpected events like fires, natural disasters, or theft.

Regardless of the type of property you own, property insurance offers a crucial safety net. This is especially true if you’re applying for a mortgage or a property loan, as most financial institutions require you to have an insurance policy.

Although property insurance can seem complex, especially if you’re a first-time property owner, we’re here to assist. At Pointer Property, we can guide you toward understanding your insurance needs and finding a reliable insurance provider.

Remember, securing your real estate investments with comprehensive property insurance is a smart and proactive measure. If you have any questions about property ownership, management, or property insurance, our team at Pointer Property is ready to help. Your journey in real estate should be secure, seamless, and informed.

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