Technology plays a pivotal role in shaping societal development in the rapidly evolving digital landscape in multifarious ways. Particularly in real estate – an industry experiencing exponential growth, propelled by technology. In Cambodia, a remarkable surge in urbanization has escalated housing demand, triggering a 15.4% rise in the Phnom Penh Residential Property Price Index (RPPI) over the last two years, according to a recent report by the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC)

National Bank of Cambodia  The confluence of technology and real estate is transformative. Real estate technologies, like advanced property management systems and real estate CRM software, have revolutionized the industry. Navigating this tech-driven landscape, Pointer emerges at the forefront, innovating and simplifying real estate processes.


Our forthcoming Super Agent app – a cutting-edge tool designed to optimize real estate agents’ efficiency – offers a comprehensive solution for managing multiple projects, listings, transactions, and co-broking. This empowers agents to focus on delivering exceptional client service, a crucial component of successful real estate marketing strategies.

Complementing this, our Property Management app provides an integrated platform for property managers. From overseeing tenant relations to managing property maintenance tasks to billing, our app addresses the core challenges of property management. This innovative technology ensures streamlined operations, fostering transparency and efficiency in real estate management.

For property developers, we’re creating a robust sales system software. With functionalities ranging from CRM integration to sales progress tracking, this software serves as a crucial tool for strategic decision-making, positioning developers at the cutting edge of the real estate market.

Real Estate Market

Real estate professionals are invited to follow Pointer’s Facebook page to stay abreast of these exciting developments. These tools promise to redefine real estate in Cambodia, addressing the needs of real estate agents, property managers, and developers alike. We firmly believe that our advanced solutions will tackle industry challenges and fuel the growth of the Cambodian real estate industry. Experience the future of real estate with Pointer – where technology drives innovation.

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