As the alarming number of Covid-19 cases has risen significantly high as of recently in Phnom Penh, The Royal Government of Cambodia has officially decided to implement a full lockdown of Phnom Penh and its neighboring city (Ta Khmao) in order to reduce and curb the spread of Covid-19.

As part of the current lockdown, the government has advised us not to leave our houses unnecessarily other than emergency reasons such as getting food, going to the hospitals/clinics, going to get tested for Covid-19 and going to get vaccinated.

In a time of crisis like this when this global pandemic has put many of us under so much pressure, it is crucial to remember the simplest things that can raise our spirits during the lockdown.

One of the simplest things that contributes largely to our emotional health in a stressful time like this is NATURE. The importance of nature/green spaces, especially during the current lockdown, has never felt more relevant than it does now. Ask yourself and imagine if you were to choose between getting stuck in a place surrounded by beautiful greeneries and staying in a place that is without them, which one would you prefer? The answer is pretty obvious. Most people would opt to live in a residence that is encircled by houseplants, gardens, trees, grass and so on.

According to a new study published in the journal Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, having a few plants scattered around your home or living in an area surrounded by greeneries may provide great benefits in terms of emotional wellbeing during the pandemic.

The study shows that 74% of the participants among 4000 people have admitted that having green spaces at their homes have remarkably boosted their emotional wellbeing amid the strict lockdown imposed by the government due to the Coronavirus. People with houseplants also tended to experience less negative emotional state of mind than those with no greenery at home.

The recent appreciation of nature and green space during unfortunate events like this has made us realize the utmost importance of having greeneries surrounding our beloved homes. Some developers or construction industries in Cambodia as well as around the world have acknowledged the significance of green spaces and developed their residential projects focused on green living and living as a community. Some residential projects that feature green living and lots of greeneries are Rose Apple Residences, Borey Bakong Village, La Palm Residences, Leedon Heights, Park Land TK Condo and many more.

Check out some residential projects focused on Green Spaces below