Technology has disrupted many industries and business models around the world as well as in Cambodia and the speed of these disruptions has been remarkably noticeable. While Covid-19 is still a huge problem for the majority of countries around the world including the kingdom, its looming presence has speeded up the integration and adoption of technology in Real Estate Sector even faster.

Technology has played an integral part in almost every industry nowadays—financial services, food production, transportation, telecommunication, agriculture, and many more — and Real estate is no exception. Now, it is easier than ever for property investors or homebuyers and sellers alike to search for their desired properties online. As a tech-enabled company, Pointer Property have also developed cutting-edge mobile applications to help modernize the Cambodian real estate industry. Currently, we have Pointer Estate, Pointer Property, and Property Sales System to facilitate safe, reliable and convenient Real Estate transactions.

With the integration of technology in Real Estate, you can now find dedicated websites for properties that are available for sales or rent within your fingertips. Our user-friendly website (wwww.pointerasia.com) also includes this feature. With our systematic and reliable real estate listings, you don’t have to browse through the inventory one-by-one. All you need to do is use the filter feature to search for the properties you want whether it be house, villa, condo, apartment, shophouse or land, you can easily look for it within your preferred location. The listings will also include landmarks and how close the properties are near the amenities such as hospitals, schools, Sangkat Hall, police stations, fire stations, government offices, supermarkets and more.

As Cambodia is being hit severely by the new wave of coronavirus infections (especially Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville), the role of technology in Real Estate has never been more important. For those smart investors who have a stable income and enough budget to invest, buying properties during the pandemic can prove to be beneficial in the long term. Although the lockdown has made it inconvenient for buyers to inspect the properties in person, there are other means for prospective buyers to have a closer look at the property before making the decision to purchase. Some websites including pointerasia.com also features Virtual Reality Tour which allows 360-degree view of the showroom of a certain project. Check out some of our featured projects that contain 360-degree photos of the the showrooms via the link below.