As one of Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing economies, Cambodia holds promising prospects for real estate investment. Its progressive property laws, high rental yields, and robust economic growth make it a strategic option for both domestic and international investors. Here are some compelling reasons to consider investing in Cambodian real estate:

  • High Rental Yields

Cambodia offers attractive rental yields, often ranging from 5-10%, which are higher than those found in markets around the world. Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are particularly profitable due to increased rental demand from expatriates and local residents alike. Some of Pointer’s projects include Guaranteed Return on Rental (GRR) programs, such as Rose Apple Square and Angkor Grace Residence and Wellness Resort, which have a GRR of 7% on selected units.

Rose Apple Square .   Rose Apple Square

  • Strong Capital Appreciation

Despite global economic uncertainty, Cambodia’s property prices have shown a strong upward trend. Phnom Penh has witnessed an annual property price growth of 5-10% over the last five years, demonstrating robust capital appreciation potential. This growth trend is expected to continue, especially in emerging districts undergoing infrastructure improvements.

  • Favorable Foreign Ownership Laws

Unlike many of its Asian neighbors, Cambodia offers favorable foreign property ownership laws. Through its “Strata Title” law, foreigners can own properties outright above the ground floor. This means investors can acquire freehold condominiums or office space, which can then be rented or sold at their discretion.


  • Rapid Economic Growth

Cambodia’s economy has grown around 7% annually over the last decade, among the fastest in Asia and globally. This economic growth, coupled with rising urbanization and a young population, fuels the demand for residential and commercial properties. The growth is supported by sectors such as tourism, agriculture, and textiles, attracting a rising number of ex-pats and boosting urban development. This economic surge, combined with a growing middle class and increased urbanization, sets a strong foundation for real estate investment.

Angkor wat temple

  • Emerging Market Potential

Cambodia’s status as an emerging market presents investors with an opportunity for high growth potential. As the country continues its development trajectory, early investors stand to benefit from significant returns as the market matures.

Phnom Penh view

  • Strategic Location

Positioned in the heart of Southeast Asia, Cambodia’s strategic location makes it a hub for regional trade. Its connectivity to key markets such as China, Vietnam, and Thailand enhances its appeal as a real estate investment destination.

While investing in Cambodian real estate carries its unique challenges, the potential for high rental yields, strong capital appreciation, progressive property ownership laws, and a burgeoning economy makes it an appealing choice. As with any investment, it’s crucial to perform thorough due diligence and possibly consult with local real estate professionals to understand the market dynamics fully.


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